Facial Care Services in Richmond Hill by Farah Salon and Spa

Facial Care Services in Richmond Hill, ON

The best of the Sea to inspire your natural beauty

Our skin product answers these demands with 100% Marine active ingredients end treatments. You will be seduced by their efficiency and originality. According to your skin’s needs, your therapist will propose the appropriate treatment to meet your expectations.

Introductory Facial

A deep cleansing facial including deep Exfoliation, steam, extraction or black and white heads and a full face massage, making the skin reedy to benefit from the balancing properties of a cream mask adapted to your skin type. This will give your face instant radiance.

Rebalancing Purifying Treatment

For oily skin. A self-heating mask detoxifies and rebalances to instantly correct skin problems, combined with the anti-shine effect of a purifying cream mask, your complexion regains luminosity. 1 1/2hr $75.00

Skin Brightening Treatment

This treatment is rich in marine actives that brighten skin. The treatment begins with an intensive exfoliation with natural hyper-pigmentation reducing properties and is follows by a cream mask. The skin is illuminated, soft and radian. Recommended in series of treatment. 1 1/2hr $75.00