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The Nisim New hair Bio factors Stimulating System

Scapl Cleansing Shampoo

These unique, ultra deep cleansing shampoos have been specially formulated to maximize a clean and nutrient rich environment for healthy hair growth. These shampoos have been developed and tested to work in perfect harmony with NISIM NEWHAIR BIOFACTORS Hair Stimulating Extract. Use the shampoo as your first step in the advanced NEWHAIR BIOFACTORS system. Now available for both normal to oily and normal to dry hair.

Hair Stimulating Extract

The most important step In the NISIM system Is the application of the highly effective natural, herbal extract. The extract is dedigned to help in restoring the natural cycle of your hair. For best results we highly recommend that you apply the extract twice daily. You should be able to seevisible resultas in three to six months. The extract is now available in two unique formulas. The original formula is for those with oily hair and scalp, and new gel formulation, with hyaluronic acid and beta glucan, is ideal for those with dry hair.

Clinically Tested  

NISIM NEWHAIR BIOFACTORS was clinically tested through a longitudinal study with 148 male participants with varying degrees of baldness. First, the participants were photographed and initial hair counts were done in a 2.5cm circular section of the balding area. After five months of treatment with the herbal extract the same participants were one again photographed and hair counts were counted on the same area as previously done. The results of this test were quite positive, 85.7 of the participants had an increase in their terminal hairs of 30 or greater and 40.8 of the study group had an increase of 100 or greater (i.e. doubling, tripling. Or more). For the abstract and further results of this study please refer to the article, “Making Headway, Medical Post. 1993:vol29,pg61.”

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